Technology and My Kids

I have a passion for technologies of all kinds because I find joy in the new. My mind is full of inspiration because I feed it with the knowledge I gain through immersing myself in new technologies. My heart is full of wonder because an inquiry is never out of reach. I see my children’s future and it is rich with newness. I am thankful to have the experience I have with educational technology and the outlet to share what I know with you. I appreciate the struggles parents face with devices in the home and I want this space to be for all of us to share and solve issues together.

I’ve rewritten this post several times and it always comes out sounding defensive. I don’t mean to make it sound defensive. Although I guess that after years of having to advocate for the use of technology in schools, defending its usefulness to teachers and administrators, I’m going to come off as defensive. I just want to start off by explaining how technology is used and viewed in my home. In case there are any questions.

So here is what I hope is a perfectly clear blog post about my stance on my children and technology.  They have their own devices. Because I don’t want them playing on mine. My device is a sophisticated little computer with all of my contacts, history, and financial details. You think I want to hand my entire adult life over to my children to play with? No way. So they have locked down, mommy-managed, restricted devices that only go on wi-fi when I want them to. I am selective about the apps they use and conscious of the time they spend using their devices. We have house rules about where the devices reside when not in use, time limits, and let’s not forget headphones.

I am not a technology nut. I am not a lazy parent. I do not use technology as a babysitter or any of the other assumptions you could probably make about me based on the title of my blog. I am an informed technology user and advocate who also happens to be a mother. I am a responsible parent who has found a way to work productively through the use of technology. I apply technology as a means to make a living and support my family. I also have a little bit of experience sharing my skills and know-how with others.

If you want to know more about making technology work for you, great! Check out my blog. If you want to ask me something about technology, even better, I love to connect with my audience; you are welcome to leave a message. If you want to bitch to me about how technology is so frustrating and things were fine the way they were, then you’re in the wrong place. No really, while I love to work with others who are willing to learn, I have hung up my hat helping those who reject change.

That got serious for a bit. Now let’s go have some fun.