Family Vacation-How Cutting Edge Tech Helped Us Unplug

We just got back yesterday from an awesome family vacation. It was the first trip the four of us have ever been on all on our own. I did my part in reading up as much as I could on the resort we were visiting but somehow I missed all the mind-blowing technology that we were in for. Now, we did visit Disney last year but we didn’t stay on the grounds, so I can’t compare this experience to that, but hey readers, please let me know if you’ve ever experienced a situation like this because I would love to check it out!

We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee, IL. I am not receiving any affiliate benefits for writing this, by the way. I just feel I need to point that out. I booked this vacation because I had heard the hotel and water park was recently renovated for the Grand Opening of the GWL there and I got 30% off for booking within the first month of their opening. I wasn’t even going to write anything about it on this blog until we got there and I found out how cool this place is with the tech.

First, the plastic wristbands they give you to show you are staying at the hotel and have access to the waterpark have these microchips built into them. Kind of like Disney’s Magic Bands. So the wristbands had our room key linked to them. We didn’t have to carry around cards and never had to worry about whether or not we would get locked out of the room. We couldn’t get locked out because we were always wearing the key! How cool is that?

Also, at the waterpark, we were able to borrow towels by scanning our wristband. They gave us the number of towels we wanted and when we were ready to leave we just scanned them back in. Am I the only one who’s brain is exploding at this point? I was pretty embarrassed at how little I knew about this world of wristband awesome.

The other part that blew my mind was that we were able to add our credit card too. So we could leave the room without our wallets and be able to make purchases throughout the resort by simply scanning our wristband. WHAT?! Iced coffee, souvenirs, mini golf, you name it. We could buy it!

Once we realized we could leave the room and head to the waterpark without bringing anything with us, we did it! We actually left our phones in our room for a lot of the time, too. I only brought mine to the waterpark a couple of times so I could get some pictures and videos of the kids having fun.

And of course, they have a Snapchat filter, so don’t forget to use it! I am the worst at remembering to use those filters. But check it out!

I would also like to praise the quality of the Wifi signal throughout the resort. I was super impressed at the speed. In a huge resort like that, I had no idea what to expect. I even had to do a video call for work on Friday and I did not have one single issue getting into the call and everything held up the whole time. Believe me, I have seen bad Wifi. I have struggled to get work done on bad Wifi. I wanted to spin and dance I was so happy with the quality of this Wifi. Can you tell?

Now, once the place filled up on Friday, we did have a problem connecting to the Chromecast that we bring with us on vacations. Our guess is that we couldn’t connect because the Chromecast and our phones were being routed through different access points, but this isn’t a blog about industry jargon, so chat me up if you have specific questions about that.

Anyway, if you want to see what a great time we had, you can check out my post about the cool video that Google Photos auto generated for me! And of course, I couldn’t help but make some cute gifs of the girls. I’ll leave you with this one from Day 2, Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast. My oldest ordered a chocolate long john and I held down that burst button on my iPhone 6 plus to create this silly gif of her fist bite. Enjoy!